To whomever it may concern,

On September 8, 2016, while in town from Maryland visiting family, my Grand Jeep Cherokee was violated. Under the cloak of darkness, assailants took all four tires and rims leaving the vehicle on cinder blocks in my parents’ drive way. This infraction caused a major delay in my return home to Maryland. However, the silver lining was that your personnel did an exceptional job with ensuring my vehicle was expeditiously repaired and that I returned home safely.

Specifically, they took great care and concern in moving the Jeep from the cinder blocks in an inclined driveway on to the tow truck. The process was meticulous and time consuming. Nonetheless, they both handled it like a charm. I would also like to note that they drove safely from my parent’s home to the dealership (Lowry Brothers Chrysler-Jeep). Upon arrival at the dealership, they even assisted with getting the temporary wheels onto the Jeep to make transport into the garage easier. I am eternally grateful for the outstanding service they provided. Your company and personnel were definitely a breath of fresh air. Great customer service is hard to come by nowadays. Please keep doing what you are doing. It never gets old and it won’t go unnoticed.

We are a Marine Corps (MSgt retired) family. In addition to this letter of thanks, we’ve also enclosed a few Marine Corps trinkets for Gasper and Chad. The trinkets aren’t much. However, we wanted to give them a token of our appreciation and something to remember us by. From us to you: Thank you and Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful).

With the utmost respect and heartfelt gratitude,

Andrea M. Renfroe & Family

Sunday evening my car suffered two flat tires in downtown Syracuse. I called my auto insurance company's ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE phone #. The automated system dispatched a tow truck from Pascarelli's, which arrived in a reasonable time (30 minutes). The driver was very nice, very helpful, clean and dressed appropriately. I had no idea where I wanted my car to be towed as we were one and a half hours from home and I wasn't familiar with the area. The tow truck driver (I didn't catch his name) was wonderful, suggesting a tire repair facility just 3 blocks away. My customer experience with Pascarella's was outstanding!

- Tammie on 01/24/2018

Joe just assisted me with my car and he was very polite, helpful and knowledgeable. I am thankful for his help. Oh, very quick service, that was great.

- Katie Hansen on 01/18/2018

I had Pascarella’s Tow my truck. I thought something was wrong when the driver will showed up he saw that my battery was corroded he cleaned it and put his jump pack on my truck turned over I never thought about looking underneath the hood but now that I learned from Will that I will start doing I would like just to say thank you will at Pascarella‘s towing and if I need you I will ask for Will Thank you

- Bill on 12/13/2017

I am a pharmaceutical representative and was in a pure panic this morning when my key would not turn in my ignition so I could go to my next office. I called my fleet company who said they would get call a tow company to try and help. Automatically I knew my Friday would be shot waiting at least an hour before they would show up. To my surprise, Joe from the this tow company comes to my rescue with in 10 minutes! I seriously couldn’t believe it. Joe was so nice and literally tried every way possible to get my key to turn in the ignition from looking at the manual, using utube etc... he was so nice and clearly could see that I was upset as I had a busy day ahead. I was so impressed that he really wanted to help and told him that I had horrible past experiences with tow services. Joe said to me the reason why Pascarella’s was the best is because the owner is honest and wants people to get the best service while knowing they are trustworthy. Joe ended up having to tow my vehicle to the dealership where they advised I would need a new part. The bottom line is that Joe made my day so much better from his kindness and really going out of his way to try and fix my car before realizing it would have to be towed. Hats off to a TRUSTWORTHY, PROFESSIONAL AND OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER CARE, it’s awesome to know that there are people out there that really care about their customers!!😊

- Pamela Boyd on 12/08/2017

Yesterday (11/16/2017), my vehicle shut down mid-drive. When I was unable to jump-start the car, I contacted my insurance agency, and they arranged to have me towed to a mechanic's shop. I'm grateful that they called Pascarella's. Joe arrived a half hour before the ETA, and when I explained the situation to him - that my car shut down while I was driving (and not while idling at a stop sign or red light), and that I had no electricity - he offered to look under the hood. What began as a tow turned into a jump-start; Joe quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it on the spot. A day later, and my car is running fine. My experience with Pascarella's is limited to this one occasion, but I'm happy to give them the best recommendation that I can. Special thanks to Joe for being generous, helpful, and better than punctual.

- John B on 11/17/2017

Great service and the only towing company we will ever use.

- Mack on 10/17/2017

A few hours ago I was bringing my daughter to work and blew a tire. I called roadside assistance and they dispatched Pascarella's Towing to come and tow my car to my mechanic. I wish I had gotten his name, but I was distracted. The driver was SO polite and helpful. I've always had good experiences with Pascarella's - probably why they are the towing service of choice for State Farm. But this gentleman was exceptionally friendly. God bless him!

- Elizabeth Jobarteh on 10/10/2017

These guys are a pleasure to work with!

- Donna on 07/25/2017

- JULIE ANDERSON on 05/16/2017

On May 12th 2017 my car decided to die at my daughters house. I called roadside and Joe came and towed my car back home! He has great customer service . I work in the hotel industry so I know the demands it can be working with the public and he was great! I will refer others to your towing company Thank you again JOE!!!!! Thank you !!

- Loretta Knapp on 05/12/2017

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